I’m a Little Afraid of Where my New Gloves could Lead

November 9, 2009

My earlier post about some fun retro 80s winter gloves reminded me of the dark side of “ironic” clothes shopping.  I often visit the site, Look at that F!?%ing Hipster,  in an attempt to remind myself of just what kind of a-hole I could become if I took my interest in kitschy retro clothes too far.  Again, at least I don’t spend much on my thrift store finds, but with great cheapness comes great potential for doucheyness.  I’m obviously walking a fine line with my sideburns too.  Look at me I’m so awesome for finding a cheap piece of clothing that I thought was a stupid fad in 1989.  I’ll ridicule that fad by being one of millions of 20 somethings that wear those clothes today.  Aren’t I clever.

Neil Diamond's Douchiest Fan

If you're Unaware, this is not me. It just looks disturbingly close.

Learn more about jerks with too easy access to thrift stores, or, even worse, lazy a-holes with too much money and easy access to overpriced “Second Hand Boutiques”:  http://www.latfh.com/


Un-Stupid Post #1 – Installation Art by Jamie Davis

November 8, 2009

Jamie Davis is an installation and mixed media artist working out of Ohio and Massachusetts.  Her work focuses on the passage of time, and how it rests in memory.  She does this by using large quantities of repeating forms combined into large sculptures and installations.  The individual objects making up the whole are usually made from non-traditional art media such as fabric, paper and wax.  Her work often features a time-based component as well, changing its appearance and structure over the course of an exhibition…

She’s also my wife.
Cede Seed - Installation Art by Jamie Davis

Cede Seed

Before, During, and After - An Installation by Jamie Davis

Before, During, and After

To see all of Jamie Davis’ work, visit her website: AnotherJamieDavis.com

Thrift Store Find – Gloves Straight out the 80s

November 7, 2009

The $2 price was a bit steep, but it was worth it to get these never used retro gloves.  The color combo and striping would make Napoleon Dynamite salivate… if only he weren’t oblivious to his gutsy fashion trendiness… and he wasn’t fictional.

Never Worn Retro 80s gloves

Why YouTube is Good – Powdered Toast Man Saves the Pope

November 6, 2009

YouTube is great because I can watch good-old gassy Powdered Toast Man save the Pope, played by Frank Zappa.  It even features my wife’s favorite, Muddy Mudskipper.

A Tangled Web

November 5, 2009

I got a call from Jamie today telling me that Comcast came to house saying something about too high of signal emission.   The TV engineers at work didn’t even know what they were referring to, but they replaced and upgraded a lot of my cables and splitters and such.  I was proud of myself though.  They said that my convoluted web of wires and connections were the worst they’d ever seen…  I don’t know what they’re talking about…

Ceiling Splitter

Main Television

Front Wire Pile


Office 2


One little connection on this TV was causing all the trouble, but, apparently, making an even more elaborate connection through a VCR is better.

Wire Mess

These are all the wires that they took out and replaced.   I haven’t noticed any improvement in signal quality yet, but at least now I won’t be interfering with airline communications like they said I was.