Remember Kenny King’s

My wife and I currently live in Massachusetts, and are originally from Akron;  so, it’s always great to find things from Akron/Cleveland.  We stumbled across this in the tie section at a discount store, “Building 19”, on the west side of Providence.

Kenny King's Tie

I saw it and immediately thought it would be great blog fodder.  I was even willing to shell out the $2.  (Turns out it was actually half-off)  The big question we have is whether it’s a weird bow-tie, a woman’s hair bow, or even a female tie from the 80’s.  (Please add comments if you know for sure)

Kenny Kings Tie

Kenny Kings Tie

Anyway, my wife was only slightly aware of what Kenny King’s was because I mentioned it in the past, but for those who are not aware of what this place was, around the 50s, before Kentucky Fried Chicken was its own franchised fast food joint, Colonel Sanders sent a kit for his chicken out to sit-down restaurants around the country and Kenny King’s was the one in Cleveland.  Howard Stern recently mentioned on his show going to such a diner on Long Island as a kid, and how his father still kicks himself for not investing in the Colonel back then.  Eventually, by the time I was a kid going to a Kenny King’s in Euclid with my family, it was pretty much the exact same thing as KFC except that there were waitresses and everything was on plates.

Here’s an image from a former Kenny King’s in West Park

Kenny King's Drive-In

Here’s an old menu. I found on a site called BereaOhioProject all featuring facts an Nostalgia from Berea on the west side of Cleveland.

Kenny King's Menu
Kenny King’s Menu

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One Response to “Remember Kenny King’s”

  1. sjbener Says:

    It was a necktie……remember Kenny Kings fondly….the one on Pearl in Parma, Ohio

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