A Tangled Web

I got a call from Jamie today telling me that Comcast came to house saying something about too high of signal emission.   The TV engineers at work didn’t even know what they were referring to, but they replaced and upgraded a lot of my cables and splitters and such.  I was proud of myself though.  They said that my convoluted web of wires and connections were the worst they’d ever seen…  I don’t know what they’re talking about…

Ceiling Splitter

Main Television

Front Wire Pile


Office 2


One little connection on this TV was causing all the trouble, but, apparently, making an even more elaborate connection through a VCR is better.

Wire Mess

These are all the wires that they took out and replaced.   I haven’t noticed any improvement in signal quality yet, but at least now I won’t be interfering with airline communications like they said I was.


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