I’m a Little Afraid of Where my New Gloves could Lead

My earlier post about some fun retro 80s winter gloves reminded me of the dark side of “ironic” clothes shopping.  I often visit the site, Look at that F!?%ing Hipster,  in an attempt to remind myself of just what kind of a-hole I could become if I took my interest in kitschy retro clothes too far.  Again, at least I don’t spend much on my thrift store finds, but with great cheapness comes great potential for doucheyness.  I’m obviously walking a fine line with my sideburns too.  Look at me I’m so awesome for finding a cheap piece of clothing that I thought was a stupid fad in 1989.  I’ll ridicule that fad by being one of millions of 20 somethings that wear those clothes today.  Aren’t I clever.

Neil Diamond's Douchiest Fan

If you're Unaware, this is not me. It just looks disturbingly close.

Learn more about jerks with too easy access to thrift stores, or, even worse, lazy a-holes with too much money and easy access to overpriced “Second Hand Boutiques”:  http://www.latfh.com/


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2 Responses to “I’m a Little Afraid of Where my New Gloves could Lead”

  1. Xenapup Says:

    At least you don’t like Neil Diamond. Do you???

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